Hang on to Yourself

Domaine Yves Cuilleron


If fate had chosen him another path, Yves Cuilleron would not be the name on the label of these fine wines from Condrieu, Côte-Rôtie, Saint-Joseph and Cornas…

Instead, he would be just another name on a door in an industrial process design office. Thankfully, the young mechanical engineering student preferred a full glass to tempered steel.
From an early age, a true culture of eating well naturally led him to wine, awakening an appetite for tasting, and developing in him the vigneron’s way of thinking. In 1987, the gates of the estate founded by his grandfather opened for Yves. Aged barely twenty-five, and an absolute beginner, he stepped forward without hesitation. Thirty years later, he has made a name for himself, and then some: a place among the Côtes-du-Rhône greats.

Though always full of plans, he is anything but a superman. Just a mortal with no time for cookie-cutter thinking. David Bowie’s appealing idea, “everything remains unclear until the end”, suits him well. “You can never understand everything, and that’s what makes wine interesting. Vintages are never the same – our tastes change, our wines change. And you can always go further…” So Yves is still learning. Learning about two millennia of vine cultivation around Vienne, for example, a swathe of history that fascinates him; about vines, and how seeking the best possible grapes will, in his view, almost wholly determine the result in bottle; about grape varieties, for he is safeguarding endangered local ones; about winemaking, which he likes to be simple and traditional, without technology or tricks; about production facilities, which he has developed considerably…


Whatever the topic, whatever the terroir, Yves Cuilleron essentially just wants to hang on to himself. At the end of the day, wine reflects the winegrower… And his wine is good!


15 ha (red) in SAINT-JOSEPH AOP, 6 ha (white) in SAINT-JOSEPH AOP, 10 ha in CONDRIEU AOP, 7 ha in CÔTE-RÔTIE AOP, 3 ha (red) in CROZES-HERMITAGE AOP, 2 ha in SAINT-PÉRAY AOP, 1 ha in CORNAS AOP, 1 ha (white) in CROZES-HERMITAGE AOP and 15 ha of VIN DE FRANCE.


Grapes are hand-picked. Reds: vinified in open vats, 3 weeks’ maceration, aged in barriques for 18 months. Whites: fermentations, then aged for 9 months in barriques.


CONDRIEULa Petite Côte: muscovite-rich granite terroirs in Chavanay. • Les Chaillets: biotiterich granite terroirs in Condrieu. • Vernon: land-registered lieu-dit in Chavanay, aged for 1 8 months. • Ayguets: sweet wine, made with over-ripe botrytised grapes. • SAINT-JOSEPH WHITELyséras: 50% Marsanne and 50% Roussanne, vinified on the skins. • Le Lombard: 100% Marsanne, old vines. • Digue: land-registered lieu-dit in Saint-Pierre de Boeuf, 100% Roussanne. • SAINT-PÉRAYLes Potiers: 50% Marsanne and 50% Roussanne; vinified on the skins. • Biousse: land-registered lieudit in Saint-Péray, 100% Marsanne. • CROZES-HERMITAGE WHITELes Rousses: 100% Marsanne, pebble-laden red clay soils in Mercurol. • SAINT-JOSEPH REDLes Pierres Sèches: Syrah, vinified on the skins. • Cavanos: Syrah, blend of plots in Chavanay. • Les Serines: Syrah, from our oldest and finest plots. For cellaring. • CÔTE-RÔTIEBassenon: 90% Syrah and 10% Viognier, typical of south of AOP, granite and gneiss. • Madinière: Syrah and Viognier, typical of north of AOP, from our mica-schist plots. • Bonnivières: land-registered lieu-dit in schistous soil in Ampuis. • CORNASLe Village: Syrah, blend of several plots. • Les Côtes: 100-year-old Syrah vines, land-registered lieu-dit in south of AOP. • CROZES-HERMITAGE REDLaya: Syrah, vinified on the skins. • Les Chassis: Syrah, land-registered lieu-dit, pebble-laden red clay soils south of Mercurol.