Domaine de Montvac


When Cécile Dusserre talks about Montvac, her hands seem to dance a delicate fandango, where knowledge is power.

The power to listen to nature and its secret harmonies through observing the Grenache at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail. The power to reveal the wines she loves, in the cellar that was once her childhood playground. The power to decide her destiny, having seriously considered classical dance before applying what it had taught her – discipline, precision, expressiveness – to the terroir. Gigondas and Vacqueyras are today the kingdoms of this queenly vigneronne, queen of a domaine passed down from mother to daughter for four generations. In this bloodline, Cécile Dusserre is the first female winemaker. Her father taught her everything, then she took the time to find her personality.
Because when vinifying, you don’t start by saying “I want it all and I want it now”, with the provocative arrogance of a Freddie Mercury. Through her many vintages of experience, Cécile came to understand what she wanted. The proof? “It’s in the glass,” she says, smooth as a dance step, while taking you through her cuvées, with their ballet-inspired names.
Cuvées that are widely hailed for the graceful, balanced and spirited way in which they express their appellations. Are these feminine wines? Perhaps, but then they are very feminine in the singular sense, by dint of the unique intuition that often guides Cécile in crafting her wines.

And also feminine plural – the hallmark of the estate, a tribute to the women with whom it has been entrusted since 1860, and a nod to the grape varieties that dance in the night, waiting for the sun to concentrate their fruit, so that Cécile can work her magic…


25 ha: 20 ha in VACQUEYRAS AOC, 3 ha in GIGONDAS AOC, 2 ha in CÔTES DU RHÔNE AOC. Culture raisonnée for many years, to highlight our various terroirs comprising prestigious Tertiary-era soils and Quartenary-era garrigue.


Grapes hand-picked, stringently sorted at the vine, partly destemmed. Temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats. Vatted for 10-20 days, aged in vats and barrels.


VACQUEYRASMélodine White: Clairette (40%), Roussanne (40%), Bourboulenc (10%), Viognier (10%). Vinified and aged for 6 months on lees and in barrels. • Arabesque: finesse, elegance and terroir expression. Grenache (70%), Syrah (25%), Mourvèdre (5%) • Vincila: Grenache (60%), Syrah (40%). Very carefully selected from our best terroirs and oldest vines. • Variation: very largely Grenache. Nature in its purest state, no tricks. • GIGONDASAdage: Grenache (70%), Syrah (25%), Mourvèdre (5%). Vines planted in foothills of Dentelles de Montmirail, aged 12 months in barrels. • CÔTES DU RHÔNE: Red and Rosé.