Domaine Alain Voge


“There are the known and the unknown, and in between are the doors: that’s us.”

The Doors’ definition of their music is a handy motto for all bold trailblazers. Ever since he was a young winegrower, Alain Voge has also dared to step across the line and open up new horizons.


Back in the ‘60s, when Cornas wines fascinated no one, he dared to break with the existent polyculture and replant the abandoned hillsides, dedicating the family farm handed down by his father to vines. Whereas most of the appellation’s wine was sold in bulk as wholesale, he preferred to showcase his output in bottles, and reached out to search for recognition in export markets.

A pioneer in seeking quality in Cornas, and the first maker in Saint-Péray to mature still white wines in cask, here is a vigneron whose decisions lacked neither courage nor intelligence – values well rooted in the rugby player he once was, and very useful for hanging on to life.
Alain Voge now possesses the wisdom of his oldest vines. Keen to secure the estate’s long-term future, he has appointed as its director Albéric Mazoyer, respected oenologist, friend and associate. “We grow grapes as if we were gardening”, says Albéric, nicely summing up the huge amount of plot-specific work done by hand on a domaine that he has converted to organic and biodynamic methods, and whose wines are appreciated for their elegance and purity. 

One thousand man-hours per hectare per year, and thousands of precise manipulations dictated by a thoughtful observation of nature, give an idea of the wild love bestowed on this great granite terroir with its dizzying slope...


7 ha in CORNAS AOC (variety: Syrah), 4 ha in SAINT-PÉRAY AOC (variety: Marsanne), 1 ha in SAINT JOSEPH AOC (variety: Syrah) and a few vines in CÔTES DU RHÔNE AOC (variety: Syrah). The Syrah vines are planted in decomposed granite, known locally as gore, on some of the most beautiful hillsides in the Cornas appellation.


The Syrah grapes used for the red wines are partly destemmed. Fermentation is done in small (30-50 hl) stainless-steel vats; temperatures are controlled, and caps are punched once or twice daily. Ageing is done in oak barrels for 14-24 months, according to the “strength” and requirements of each wine. For the white wines, the grapes are pressed whole. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is done in barrels for Fleur de Crussol and Terres Boisées, then the wine is aged on lees for 13-17 months. The Harmonie cuvée is vinified then aged on lees in vats only for 10 months.


The various parcels are vinified separately, allowing production of several cuvées: CORNASLes Chailles Les Vieilles Vignes Les Vieilles FontainesSAINT-PÉRAYHarmonieTerres BoiséesFleur de CrussolLes Bulles d’AlainSAINT JOSEPHLes VinsonnesCÔTES DU RHÔNE REDLes Peyrouses: 100% Syrah.